Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Raw Food Coach and Master Cleanse

Looking for a way to eat better, but you can't figure out what to eat if you go raw? Follow the Raw Food Coach, Karen Knowler, on Youtube. She teaches some great recipes and takes the guess work out of what to do. I'm also working towards following the Master Cleanse on Youtube. I've been drinking the Master Cleanse, but I have not gone completely on it so I'm not using the complete maple syrup yet. You will take in 1200 calories when you follow it. The pure grade B maple syrup does not raise your sugar level, from what I'm reading, the way that sugar and honey do, so you can cleanse for up to 40 days. I've been following a woman who started out with a 10 day cleanse and ended up doing the complete 40. She looked fantastic when she finished. Her skin was glowing, and you could actually see the energy shift over the updates she gave. I'm making sure I won't get sick by preparing for it. I sip on the lemon/maple syrup drink over the course of the day. I eat very little if at all, and I eat a steamed rice mix in the evening. When I'm done with the Master Cleanse, I'm considering going completely raw foods only.

I would not cut anything out of the Master Cleanse if you do it. All the things that are listed are there for a reason. I didn't need to do the full salt bath cleansing for 5 days since I've been eating so clean that when I took the first salt bath cleanse, nothing at all happened.

But the salt bath cleanse is there to keep the toxins from making you sick when they cut loose from your body, and the cayenne is there to cleanse your blood. I love the cayenne, so I'm able to tolerate quite a bit of it. I am using a 1/4 teaspoon and working up to a 1/2 teaspoon.

I would like to point out to make sure you check with your doctor before approaching the cleanse, especially if you take medicines, since cleansing has been known to cleanse your meds quickly out of your body too.

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