Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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This year I am thankful for my soft place to land, even though he had absolutely no reason to do so, and even though his fears would make it difficult, it is a roof over my head, and for that I am truly thankful. I am thankful for my family for putting up with me this year. It was the most difficult year of my life, and that is saying alot. I've lived through things I shouldn't have survived.

I'm thankful to my children. I know I've worried you. I'm especially thankful to my youngest son for not letting the fact that I pretty much went off the deep end this year, scare him into avoiding me. It only takes a little bit of crazy to scare the hell out of people. And you're pretty fearless and stayed right by my side. You would always try to be there, even when I was at my worse and I'm sure you would have liked to be just about anywhere else. And to my my oldest son, you are always so very kind to me. And my daughter, you were willing to do a very difficult thing for me. And to my middle son, I will always love you, and I do not blame you for how angry you are with me right now. Everyone of us has a right to how we feel. I will not try to censor or control yours. I love you all. I know you have not understood some of my choices. Sometimes I don't understand them either. But I always feel our Great Mother watching over us. And I always come out stronger.

I'm thankful for all my angels and guides for brining me through my dark night of my soul. I see the light of day, now, and I'm thankful I've survived. I'm thankful to myself for having the strength to reach for life, even when all I wanted to do was quit and cease to exist. I'm thankful for the wisdom to know I would be glad I made it through, even when I was screaming in my car so no one else would know. I'm especially thankful for my friends for reaching out when I most needed it and trying to help me through. I will never forget it.

I love you all so much. I'm thankful to my fans. Manyof my friends and family helped to save my life. But writing saved my sanity. I threw myself into my writing and my blogs. It took up all my time and provided a chance to heal. It also gave me a place to express myself in creative and healing ways. Her Broken Wings Could Fly is allowings me to do so with a out censor. Thank you for putting up with me when I hit a wall and didn't update my blogs:) You all are the greatest.

 Most of all I'm thankful for the divine--How could anyone ever question all the help we truly get. It is the reason we make it through. It's in the soft petal of a flower, the sun's rays upon the damp earth, the ocean's waves upon the sandy beach, and the crest of the mountain top. We are loved. May we always have some place inside that knows it, even when we're in our darkest hour. And so I say I'm grateful mother. I am your daughter, and I am grateful mother. And I love you so.

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