Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2nd Check In

I'm still working on intensity, and I'm still working on getting past 10 minutes, but I'm still at it!

I am drinking the Master Cleanse, but I've decided to place myself in a pre-cleansing phase. A prep. I've read that full cleansing should be done in the spring, perhaps the summer or fall, but not at all in the winter. So I'm taking it easy, eating 80-90% clean and drinking some Master Cleanse each morning, and Braggs Vinegar drink around 1 pm. But for the record, I doubt I'd ever do this more than three days at a time. There are a lot of warnings out there about restricting calories for 10 days. The full drink is supposed to be 1200 calories, but I feel that eating clean would be much better for you. Please research it first before doing the full Master Cleanse, and always check with your doctor first.

I want to talk about body brushing.

I have known about body brushing for several years. I even bought a new one several months ago. And I am quite frustrated with myself for not keeping it up. But a couple of weeks ago I bought a facebrush and began yoga face. Within days, I was so impressed, I got my body brush back out--let me tell you--wow!

It was the yoga face that got me following Kiki in the first place. My family is very prone to droopy neck skin and a sluggish lymph system, making for a puffy look. I've been doing her yoga face for two weeks now and whooooo hooooo. I'm not just stuck with watching my neck slide off its foundation. She doesn't do body brushing on her face, but I do. I'm placing another video of a woman who does. She's in her 50's and her skin looks like the skin of a twenty year old. Kiki's skin looks like that too. I'm not sure why she doesn't brush her face. She's been body brushing for over 25 years.

I feel that brushing exercises the skin. I've read that it's wonderful for invalids for that very reason.

Follow Kiki on her body brushing--oh and I'm adding these to my exercise routines:) Check it out--you'll see why:)

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