Monday, December 19, 2011

The Fountain of Youth just might be found in body brushing!

At least when comes to the skin! I can't say enough about body brushing! I call it exercise for the skin! It started when I Youtubed Yoga Face exercises and I found Kitty. She's been bodybrushing for 25 years and her body skin looks younger than a 20 year old.

Then I found another woman in her 50's that didn't hardly have a line on her face, and I ordered her face brush. Some sites say not to brush your face, but your face is skin, too, right. So I tried it.

Now I cannot understand why Kitty doesn't brush her face.

I've been brushing my face for three weeks. I got my body brush out of storage and I've been body brushing for ten days. I'm astounded and mad at myself for not keeping it up years ago.

I've bought the Japanese plant brush from Bed Bath and Beyond, my other ones are Yerba Prima. Never use synthetic, it will scratch your skin, and never brush wet skin.

Read about the benefits online. I'd swear even my veins are improved. Go counter clockwise on stomach area. Brush up towards heart. Down neck towards heart, down arms towards heart, and in circular motions as much as possible.

My skin had started sagging and drooping everywhere and was feeling spongy and thin. Now, it feels firm and looks as good as late twenties! I kid you not! Even the cellulite is much improved all ready. But I'm faithfully brushing twice a day. And I'm doing yoga face and Charlie James. Plus I'm drinking green veg and fruit smoothies!:)

Watch for picture updates! I wish I would have taken a video so you would know these haven't been through a photo shop or brushed up with Gimp. But as you can see, I'm not selling you anything. I just hope you try it for you.

If you do, come back and leave us feedback, so that we can all know how it's working for you:)

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