Monday, January 9, 2012

Total Transformation!

The change to my skin has been so amazing, I have decided not to do further update pictures--but to instead do a shocking transformation update some time in Frbruary! I have lost the saggy skin I was gaining as I got older. And the cellulite is disappearing, between the body brushing, the exercising, and the raw foods!!:) In it's place is firm, beautiful skin, so now I'm adding more face exercises! I'll add the Youtube videos of my favorite exercises later this week!:) I've added Zumba, and I'm drinking a fruit and veggie smoothie that I make myself for breakfast. I'm still working on having regular smoothies for lunch. I also found out about eating cinnamon for regulating blood sugar and helping with sugar spikes and insulin resistance. I'll include articles later this week, since some cinnamon is an oil and can build up in your system. Sprinkle it on your food to increase your cells sensitivity to insulin. I'll pick a date in February and post shocking transformation pictures as my goal is to look the best I have in years in time for Spring! And just before my 50th birthday in August! Here's going for my personal best!:) If you'd like to follow along, leave comments with your goals and updates. I'll even post your articles and pictures!:)

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